Executive Board

Our Executive Board consists of students nominated and elected annually by the members of our organization for the positions of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and Director of Promotion and Recruitment. Additional positions are appointments made at the discretion of the Chairman.



Isaac Hampton

Isaac Hampton is a Junior Business Administration and Economics double major at Truman State University. For the past two years he has been the host of “Across the Aisle,” and represented the College Republicans there. As Chairman for the Truman State College Republicans, he represents the organization in an official capacity.

“My vision as Chairman is to build upon the strides of my predecessors. Advocating conservative ideals, growing the organization, and maintaining the wonderful community environment between our members is what I hope to accomplish.”


Jack McGill

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Daniel Engelhardt

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Chandler Shumake

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Grant Burton 

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Alex Kelley

Alex Kelley is a junior at Truman State University as a Political Science Major, a Business Administration Minor, and a German Minor. He also is the current Brotherhood and Service Coordinator of Delta Phi Alpha. He is the second youngest child of five, and works for his parents during the summer and whenever he is home throughout the semester at their restaurant. His interests, other than advancing the conservative agenda, would be sketching in his free time and talking about anything related to technology. Alex plans to attend graduate school to earn his Masters in Business Administration and to pursue a career in corporate business in Silicon Valley.



Isaac Hampton

Isaac Hampton is a sophomore Business Administration and Economics double major at Truman State University. As Outreach Coordinator for the Truman State College Republicans, he is in charge of “Across the Aisle”, Truman’s radio station KTRM 88.7. Across the Aisle is a political talk show where students from all across the political spectrum discuss the weekly news; it airs on Saturdays from 5pm-6pm. When Isaac is not spreading his “hateful”, “vitriolic” message of free markets, limited government, and conservatism on the airwaves or at Truman State, you will find him participating and enjoying a variety of activities. He is a man that will not have his entire persona boiled down to a measly paragraph, for his story spans volumes.       



Dr. Steve Smith 

Dr. Smith became the Faculty Advisor for the Truman College Republicans in January of 2017 and also is the Faculty Advisor for Truman’s Mock Trial team.  He has been at Truman since 1986.   He has a B.A. in Economics from Eastern Illinois University, has completed the course work for a Master’s degree in Economics at Auburn University, and holds a law degree (J.D.) from the University of Texas at Austin.    He teaches the History of Economic Thought, American Economic History, the Legal Environment of Business, and a JINS course called Historic Trials.   He is a member of the State Bars of Missouri and Texas and has presented papers at professional conferences on the work of economists Friedrich Hayek and James Buchanan, as well as on various legal topics.    His special interests are Economic History, the History of Economics, and the Austrian School of Economics.   He once shook the hand of Ronald Reagan and aspires to shaking the hand of Ann Coulter.  Students of all persuasions are welcome to drop by his office to discuss politics, economics, and history.