About Us

We are a student organization that is open to all students at Truman State University.  Any student may become a member simply by regularly attending meetings and paying our annual chapter dues.  Our membership encompasses a variety of students ranging from social conservatives to fiscal conservatives…even Libertarians!  Our organization is also a friendly and welcoming environment where you can meet like-minded students as well as many of our local elected officials.

Throughout the school year, we strive to make students aware of the conservative agenda.  To accomplish this monumental task, we host local and state elected officials throughout the year; we even host one popular conservative speaker on campus.  Recently, our chapter has had the privilege to work with Dinesh D’Souza.

As a chapter, we strive to remain aware of current political issues and do our best to connect with similarly minded-political organizations.   Each year, our chapter attends the Missouri Lincoln Days Celebration and the Missouri College Republicans State Convention.

And let’s not forget campaigning!  We work closely with our elected officials and often play a critical role in their campaigns.  As a member, you can expect to have the opportunity to take part in phone banking, door-to-door campaigning, walking in parades, and making/displaying ads on campus.