Letter from the Chairman

I was raised Conservative before I ever truly became a Republican. At a young age, my father died of colon cancer. My mother had to juggle both roles as full-time employee and parent for three young children. As a real estate agent, the bulk of her salary came from commission, which means the only way she could provide for her three children was to keep working. My mother was a pretty successful real estate agent, so successful that I can say that my siblings and I were never found wanting for any basic needs: we were always fed, sheltered, and clothed. However, as I got older, I realized that the more my mother made, the less she got to keep. A higher power than her said that, based on her level of income, she had to relinquish more of earnings and to pay “her fair share”. She had to give up a large portion of her income, all the while failing to meet the requirements for the entitlement programs that her income went to, ignoring the fact that she had a future to plan for three children! One could say I was raised on government overreach.

During those difficult years that followed, I witnessed how the compassion and action of individuals can make a huge impact. I learned the importance of faith, of family, of community, and of individual empowerment and action. My family was often times in need of help, I for one, was a handful, but the help we needed wasn’t in the form of an entitlement program dictated by Washington, but the voluntary assistance of those around us; our friends, our family, our church, and our neighbors played a huge role in providing for my family. But the direction I see our country moving, like a toad getting used to a slowly boiling pot until it dies, has been away from these principles. I am finding that we are relinquishing our responsibility and duty to help one another and giving it to an unfeeling bureaucracy. We demand less of ourselves, and more of our institutions.

Which is why the Republican message is more important than ever. Republican ideology is probably best summarized from a story from the life of Chinese philosopher Confucius. One day, when Confucius was travelling with his disciples, he came upon a woman weeping on the side of the road. When asked why she was crying, she replied she had come out in the wilderness to the same place where her husband and his father had been eaten by a tiger. Confucius asked her why she would come out to this place if a tiger was wandering about. Her reply, “because out here there is no oppressive government.” To this, Confucius said, “let it be known that an oppressive government is to be feared more than a tiger.” With that philosophy in mind, our nation was forged, and has endured, on the guiding principles of liberty and justice for all. Our country has had a lot to learn about securing basic freedoms to its own citizens, but extending liberty and empowering the individual has done more to advance our society than top-down change pushed by our government. We college Republicans would sooner face the jaws of one hundred ravenous tigers than live under a single oppressive state. It is time for a return to these values.

For my fellow students who see truth in the ideology of liberty, College Republicans offers a place where you can meet like-minded students and form professional and personal connections to carry you far in life. We offer a range of activities and opportunities to gain experience and forge fantastic memories. In the past, we have afforded students the chance to work on campaigns for local office, state legislature, statewide offices, the United States Congress, and even President of the United States. For those interested in a career in politics, government, business, mass communication, or really anything, College Republicans will develop your skills and training so as to empower you to be a change-agent in the community. Here, there is a community of college conservatives that support and build one another as we fight for what we believe.

So please, accept this personal invitation to join the growing College Republican movement. We are perfect for those who have been steeped in politics their entire lives or to those who are just now interested in making a difference. Drop on in, take a seat, and hear about why we are right: politically, and literally.

Korbin Keller, former Chairman