A Letter from Chairman Ben Terrell

When I told my family that I had joined College Republicans at Truman State University, my extremely liberal mother’s reaction was asking me why am I conservative? As I became more involved in College Republicans and continued to keep friends and family updated on this progress, I continually got that same question. At first, I was a little annoyed at this, but as time went on, I realized that this question is a very important one, one that many people, liberal or conservative, haven’t necessarily thought too much about. I have though, and I’d like to share it with you.

One of the biggest aspects of my conservatism is the idea that people, on the whole, are good. There are bad apples here and there, but not so many as to spoil the bunch. This belief is the foundation for much of my conservatism, especially the idea of having a limited government. I believe that it doesn’t take an overarching, invasive government to tell me and my family and my friends and my people how to be good citizens, and more importantly, how to be good people. I know that through privatized donation and work many people are helped. I know that this system is the most efficient and extensive of all. I also know that many people who would like to extend a hand feel that they can’t. Not because they are too lazy or too self-centered, but because they are spread too thin. It always seems like taxes are on the rise, yet more people are hurting than ever before. I know that the system we have now is broken, and can and should be fixed.

I also have a strong support of our United States Constitution. I believe it lays a great foundation for the American people, as it has done for almost two and a half centuries. I also believe that some of our rights ensured in the Constitution are being trampled on as we speak, or for some, as we don’t speak. In our country, there is a large movement for political correctness. This stemmed from good intentions of wanting to promote inclusiveness and camaraderie among our fellow Americans but, unfortunately, it has turned into an ugly monster bent on silencing those with an opinion in contrast to their own. Too me, this is not helping people, but hurting them. It is crushing one of the biggest strengths our country has — our diversity of thought. This diversity grows our people, and through them our country, into stronger, well-rounded individuals, and to attempt to eliminate this is a mistake.

There are many reasons as to why I am conservative, and I could fill many books with those reasons. The biggest thing though is that while I believe these things and many more, I know there are other Republicans on Truman State’s campus who share these ideals, but are afraid to talk about them. That is why I invite all conservative minded individuals, and those who are simply unsure, to come to our meetings and learn about our organization. We support all conservative outreach, and through us, you can find a voice and support. Please, let us help you.

Thank you,

Ben Terrell, Chairman